Industrial Engg. Lab


Faculty Incharge                    : Dr. Arvind Jayant

Technician  Incharge             : Inder Pal


It is the one of important laboratory for Diploma and Degree students for their courses. The aim to establish this laboratory was for practical training to conduct Work study, Method study and Time study. Industrial Engg. lab. contains equipments both in form of working and non-working model through which the students are able to synergies the theory with practical work.

List of Equipments in the laboratory:

Depth Perception Apparatus.
Anthrop meter.
Two hand Co-ordination Apparatus.
Stop Watch.
Dexterity ring.
Steadiness Tester.
Reaction Timer.
Eye-hand co-ordination Model.
Rating Apparatus.
Frequency distribution Model.
Tread mill.
Stability Platform apparatus.
String Diagram Apparatus.
Indirect Eye-hand co-ordination Model.