Aims & Objectives


The aim of the department is to advance knowledge and educate students in the area of mechanical engineering that will meet the need of Industry & academics and best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century.


  1. To create technical manpower through flexible, modular, multi-point entry programmes in mechanical engineering.
  2. To offer quality education and training in the thrust areas .
  3. To promote entrepreneurial skills for self employment.
  4. To provide extension services to industry, working population, pass out students, social organizations.
  5. To promote industry-institute linkage.


Mechanical Engineering Department is the largest department of the Institute and is accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA). The department is broadly divided into the following academic groups:

Research Groups (Broad Area of Research) Name of Faculty Involved

Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering


1.       Dr. P.K. Singh, Professor

2.       Dr. P. Gupta, Professor

3.       Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Professor

4.       Dr. Shankar Singh, Professor

5.       Dr. Jagtar Singh, Professor

6.       Shri. Amrik Singh, Associate Professor

7.       Dr. Manoj Goyal, Associate Professor

8.       Shri Anil Singla, Associate Professor

9.       Dr. Arvind Jayant, Associate Professor

10.    Shri. Rakesh Kumar, Associate Professor

11.    Shri. Sumit Kumar, Assistant Professor

12.    Shri. Anuj Bansal, Assistant Professor

13.    Mrs. Ankita Omer, Assistant Professor

14.    Shri. Lalit Ahuja, Assistant Professor

 Welding Technology


1.       Dr. Kulwant Singh, Professor

2.       Dr. A.S. Shahi, Professor

3.       Dr. J.S. Gill, Associate Professor

4.       Md. Mazid, Assistant Professor

5.       Dr. Harish Arya, Assistant Professor


Design Engineering


1.       Dr. R.K. Saxena, Professor

2.       Dr. K.P. Singh, Associate Professor

3.       Dr. Sunil Kumar, Assistant Professor

4.       Dr. Vivek Kumar, Assistant Professor

5.       Shri. Surinder Kumar, Assistant Professor

6.       Sh. Jonny Singla, Assistant Professor

Thermal Engineering


1.       Dr. V. Sahni, Professor

2.       Shri. M.A. Akhtar, Associate Professor

3.       Shri. S.C. Verma, Associate Professor

4.       Dr. R.K. Yadav, Associate Professor

5.       Dr. Indraj Singh, Associate Professor