TOM/Mechanics Lab.


Lab. Incharges: Dr. Vivek Kumar & Er. Ankita Omer

Technical Supporting Staff: Mr. Sunil Dutt Sharma

Engineering Mechanics & Theory of Machine course is offered to Degree &Diploma students and is an important part of the course curriculum. Theory of machine laboratory contains equipments both in the form of working and non-working models through which the students are able to synergise theory and practical skills.

List of the Important Equipments in the laboratory:

  • motorized Gyroscope
  • Universal Governor
  • Whirling of Shaft
  • Static & Dynamic Balancing Machine
  • Cam Analysis Apparatus
  • Force Table
  • Wheel & Axle System
  • Fly Wheel
  • Equipment for Measuring Deflection Beam
  • OR36-FREQ-4 FFT-Analyzer