Precision Metrology & Measurement Lab.

Lab. Incharges: Dr. Rajesh Kumar & Er. Surinder Kumar 

Technical Supporting Staff: Mr. Sukhdeep Singh

Metrology has great importance in quality assurance. The aim to establish this laboratory is to provide practical training in the field of various types of standards & measurement. The laboratory has conventional, optical (and laser-based) equipments used in metrology. This laboratory is being used for practical to degree & diploma students and in research to PG students.

List of the Important Equipments in the laboratory:

  • Thermographic Image Scanner.
  • Auto-Collimator.
  • Electronic Comparator.
  • Dial Calibration Tester.
  • Different Types of Sensors.
  • Labview Software.
  • Data Acquisition System.
  • Image Acquisition System.
  • He-Ne Laser.
  • Surface Roughness Testing Machine.
  • Profile Projector.
  • Surface Plate.
  • Angle Plate.
  • V-Block.
  • Try Square.
  • Surface Gauge.
  • Telescopic Gauge.
  • Radius Gauge.
  • Engineering Scale.
  • Micrometer.
  • Vernier Height Gauge.
  • Bore Gauge.
  • Dial Indicator.
  • Sine Bars & Slip Gauges.
  • Universal Bevel Protector.
  • Tool Room Microscope.
  • Vernier Caliper.
  • Temperature Gauge.
  • Strain Gauge.
  • Stroboscope.