RAC & Heat Transfer Lab.

Lab. Incharges: Er. S.C.Verma, Er. M.A. Akhtar & Er. Divesh Bharti 

Technical Supporting Staff: Mr. Pinderjit Singh

The aim of the lab is to give practical insight to degree students for various modes of Heat transfer in the same metals, different metal,s and water. The apparatus gives us a method to calculate heat transfer co-efficient and constants in a different modes of Heat transfer.


List of the Important Equipments in the RAC laboratory:

  • Heat pump test rig.
  • Air conditioner test rig.
  • Air conditioner fault simulator.
  • Domestic refrigerator test rig.
  • Ice plant tutor.
  • Vapour absorption trainer.
  • Water cooler apparatus
  • Water cooling tower apparatus.
  • Gas charging unit.


List of the Important Equipments in the Heat Transfer laboratory:

  • PIN-FIN in natural and forced convection apparatus.
  • Dropwise Filmwise condensation apparatus.
  • Apparatus for thermal conductivity of a metal bar.
  • Apparatus for heat transfer through composite walls.
  • Apparatus for heat transfer in natural convection.
  • Apparatus for heat transfer in forced convection.
  • Apparatus for heat conductivity of insulating powder.
  • Parallel flow & counter flow heat exchanger.
  • Emissivity measurement experimental apparatus.