I.C. Engine & Thermal Engg. Lab

IC Engine

Lab. Incharges: Dr. Indraj SinghM.A. Akhtar & Dr. Yogesh Verma

Technical Supporting Staff: Naresh Kumar

It is the one of the important labs for diploma & degree students for their course curriculum. The aim to establish this laboratory was to impart practical training in the field of I.C. Engine & Thermal Engg. like determination of BHP, IHP, thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, air consumption, and gas emission analyzing of the engine by using the engine test rigs and gas emission analyzer. It is also used for determining the fuel properties like flash and fire point, carbon residue, cloud and pour point and calorific value by using flash and fire point apparatus, cloud & pour point apparatus, Carbon residue conradson apparatus, and Digital bomb calorimeter. It also provides knowledge to students about various types of Boilers and engine models.

List of the Important Equipments in the laboratory:

  • Four Stroke Single Cylinder (Vertical) Diesel Engine Test Rig.
  • Four Stroke Single Cylinder (Horizontal) Diesel Engine Test Rig.
  • Four Stroke Four Cylinders Petrol Engine Test Rig.
  • Able’s Apparatus.
  • Heat Exchanger (Model).
  • Turbo Jet Engine (Model).
  • Babcock & Wilcox Boiler (Model).
  • Cochran Boiler (Model).
  • Locomotive Boiler (Model).
  • Flash & Fire Point App.(Cleveland).
  • Cloud & Pour Point App.
  • Carbon Residue Conradson App.
  • Digital Bomb Calorimeter.
  • Steam Engine (Model).
  • Five Gas Emission Analayser.
  • Weighing M/c.
  • Battery Charger.
  • 2-Stage Compressor Test Rig.
  • Separating and Throttling Calorie Meter.