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Educational Qualification

M.Tech from AMU Aligarh
B. Tech from AMU Aligarh


Working at SLIET Since 1992 till date


1.Annual thermal performance of greenhouse with an earth–air heat exchanger: an experimental validation
GN Tiwari, MA Akhtar, A Shukla, ME Khan Renewable Energy 31 (15), 2432-2446 28 2006
2.Prediction of Ground Temperature distribution at Different Depths for Various Climatic Zones of India
NH M.A. Akhtar National Conference on recent Developments and Futuristic Trends in … 2007
3.Thermodynamic computer simulation modelling of direct injection diesel engine MAAN Hasan
National Conference on recent advances in Mechanical Enginering, 82-86 2007
4.Thermal Modelling of Even Span Green house with an EAHE MEK G.N. Tiwari, M.A. Akhtar
National Conference on Design Dynamics and Manufacturing at SLIET Longowal … 2007
5.Thermal power generation for next decade MALS S.K. Mohapatra National conference of Mechanical Engineers University of Roorkee, 754-763 2000
6.Impact of Various Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Vehicle and Axle Assembly Line in Industry
MS Alam, A Moazzam, MA Akhtar, M Kumar