Faculty Incharge       : S.C.Verma

The aim of the lab is to give a practical insight to certificate, Diploma and degree students for equipments running on Vapour compression cycle. Water cooler and cooling Tower apparatus has been designed for calculation of C.O.P. and Efficiency of the system. And cut section model of all types of compressors, Air conditioners and condensers are used to give thorough knowledge of their parts, working and maintenance.

List of Equipments in the laboratory:

Water cooler experimental apparatus.
Water-cooling tower experimental apparatus.
Old refrigerator.
Window type air-conditioner (non-working).
Split type air-conditioner (non-working).
Sling psychrometer.
Open type-reciprocating compressor (non-working).
Thermostatic switches.
Suction and discharge line service valve.
Hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor.
High pressure cut out switch.
Low pressure cut out switch.
Shell and tube condenser (cut section model).
Rotary compressor (cut section).